Press Release: Problems in Additive Metal Manufacturing

Press Release: Problems in Additive Metal Manufacturing

Nine measurable factors in metal powder feedstock that need the industry’s attention.


OTTAWA, ONTARIO: Equispheres today released a whitepaper detailing results from ongoing studies regarding the importance of feedstock powder properties with respect to additive manufacturing mechanical performance and speed of production.

“The Additive Manufacturing industry has long understood that certain bulk characteristics of the feedstock powder such as flowability and packing density have an impact on the mechanical performance of the printed part,” says Doug Brouse, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Equispheres. “But what has not been clear is how much these bulk features matter, and precisely what specific powder particle properties are required to achieve them.  Our powder and testing results provide much needed clarity and removes much of this mystery.”

The whitepaper outlines nine measurable factors that directly influence metal additive manufacturing printing speed, part strength, reliability, consistency and overall end part quality. Data points are provided for all variables for comparison.

“The properties of the individual powder particles are the key to success, and a highly controlled atomization process is mandatory to achieve the desired results”, says Dr. Martin Conlon, Chief Technology Officer.  “Chaotic gas atomization simply cannot deliver the quality feedstock necessary for superior print performance and speed that is being demanded by the industry.”

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.  

“We did the research, we have already achieved incredibly high-performance results, and we’re already in production,”  says Kevin Nicholds, President and CEO of Equispheres, “And while everyone else is playing catch-up, we hope to help bring about a new era in additive manufacturing.”

To download a copy of the whitepaper titled The Problem with Additive Metal Manufacturing visit

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