A Revolutionary Metal Powder for Revolutionary Applications



Speed is a game changer.
Don’t get left in the dust.

Print more parts stronger, lighter, faster and reduce part production costs by 50%.


Application Engineering

Obtaining high-performance powder is only the first step in achieving increased production and reduced costs.

Our experts ensure your printers, process and people are prepared and optimized for top performance.


Automotive Metal AM

It’s low cost or bust in automotive.

Our solutions reduce part costs without sacrificing part quality or strength.


Aviation Metal AM

Aerospace manufacturing is about control.

Our powder is proven to reduce variability, improve strength, and reduce total manufacturing time, bringing quality and safety to new heights.


Space & Defense

Bringing innovation to the frontlines and new frontiers.

Light-weight, strong, high quality parts that provide excellent thermal management can only be achieved with specially engineered materials and powder.


    Equispheres’ breakthrough atomization technique produces a nearly-perfect powder. Its uniform size, sphericity, and consistent microstructure — as well as smoother surface and thinner oxide layer — result in more rapidly manufactured metal parts with superior mechanical properties.

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    Powder designed to support applications where fine features and precision (as related to CAD design) are of paramount importance. This powder has proven to provide a 50 % improvement in dimensional accuracy.

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    Powder designed to provide enhanced printed part strength and performance across a wide range of applications and achieves a 20-30% increase in the a-basis design allowable over traditional powders.

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    Powder designed to reduce the cost per part manufactured, with features designed to facilitate the rapid production of items without compromising mechanical performance. We are working on parameter sets to increase production speeds by 3 to 4 times.

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Our Metal Powders

are revolutionizing additive manufacturing.

Our applications engineers are designing the future of 3D metal.

A Difference You Can See With The Naked Eye

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