Metal powders are the foundation to new advanced manufacturing techniques that are transforming the physical designs and supply chain logistics of high value, complex parts used in the aerospace and medical industries.

Equispheres’ novel patent-pending atomization technique produces premium powder with features that unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing and cold spray technologies.

The Problem

Traditional atomization methods for making metal powders are chaotic and produce variable results.

Poor Quality

The Solution

Equispheres has developed a unique process for atomizing powder that carefully controls the solidification process.

Equispheres' High Quality

“…current methods for producing metal powders — traditional gas atomization processes — inherently produce unwanted characteristics in final manufactured parts” “…all powder bed [AM] machines, regardless of the energy source, work best with a narrow range of particle sizes ”   (Wohlers Associates Inc., 2016)

Equisphere's powder

Spherical and agglomerate free

Extraordinarily spherical and virtually free of agglomerates, Equispheres’ powder contains a minimal amount of satellites and nuisance fines that interfere with production processes. The powder flows freely, smoothly and performs repeatably and consistently in additive manufacturing and cold spray applications.


The particle size distribution of Equispheres’ powder is very narrow –  far narrower than any other commercially available powder.  Whether in a powder bed, or being blown from a nozzle, mono-sized particles behave consistently when being processed.  The result is a reliable process and a predictable end-product quality.

Spherical Mono-size powder

Superior flowability

The spherical, agglomerate-free and mono-sized nature of the Equispheres’ powder provides the product with exceptional flowability.  Whether the powder is flowing under a roller/blade or out of a hopper, minimal clumping, clinging and sticking results in superior end-product quality.

Consistent microstructure

The inside of Equispheres’ powder is as consistent as the outside.  Our controlled, super-cooled process ensures that the microstructure is fine, consistent and contains no entrapped gas.  No ‘bursting’ of particles in the manufacture/repair process and no porosity in the final product.

Consistent Microstructure
Densely Packed Powder

Superior packing density – 30%

Equispheres powder packs 30% better than a leading traditionally atomized powder[1]. The powder is virtually free of irregular shapes, agglomerates, satellites, and fines that can impede the natural tendency of powder to pack efficiently. Denser packing powder results in less porosity, superior mechanical properties and surface finish.

[1] Based experiments with on Al10SiMg powder


Fine metal powder particles are more than just a nuisance in the manufacturing/repair process – they can be dangerously explosive.  Equispheres’ powders have a minimal quantity of fines and are therefore much safer to handle.  This can simplify the complexity and reduce the costs of safety equipment normally required when dealing with certain metal powder alloys.

Traditionally Atomized Al10SiMg Powder

Equispheres’ Powder