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Mass production for metal additive manufacturing through engineered materials

Work with us as we reshape the manufacturing industry.

Engineered metal powder is the means to enable economic mass production of additively manufactured (AM) parts.

Our innovative technology to precisely manipulate powder characteristics and morphology enables us to design aluminum metal powder specifically for volume AM applications.

We produce metal aluminum powders that deliver:

cost effective

improved reliability and consistency


Increase your production

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AM powder for volume production.

At last—metal AM that makes economic sense

The advantages of AM at the cost of casting – really!

Laser power to the max.

Release the full potential of your printer

Next generation aluminum powder unleashes the full capabilities of modern AM machines and enables multifold increases in production rates.

The chaotic proprieties of traditional powder hamper and constrain the productivity of modern printers.

Equispheres engineered powder provides a steady melt-pool at higher laser power. A 3 times increase in printer productivity to achieve economic volume production.

Bringing control to a chaotic process.

Shape the powder - because materials matter

Our innovative technology precisely manipulates powder characteristics and morphology.

Shaping the powder attributes such as size, sphericity and oxygen content, enables us to engineer materials specifically for AM.

New, safer, aluminum powders that unleash the capabilities of modern AM printers and enable multifold increases in production rates.

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