Our metal powders are revolutionizing additive manufacturing.

Engineer stronger, lighter, and more innovative metal parts for aerospace and automotive with the unmatched consistency of Equispheres’ powders.

Push beyond the limitations of additive manufacturing

Push beyond the limitations of additive manufacturing

Metal powders are the foundation of new advanced manufacturing techniques. Additive manufacturing is transforming the design and supply chain of complex parts used in the aerospace and automotive industries. But until now, inconsistencies in powder properties have meant settling for lower design-allowable strength and poorer part performance.

Equispheres has developed powders with superior features and characteristics, allowing engineers to design and manufacture stronger and lighter parts, with less material and greatly increased performance.

Powder Comparison

Our powders flow and spread so much more smoothly — the difference can be seen with the naked eye. Look closer, and see what a big difference they can make for your performance and bottom line.