What the future is made of

The only future is a sustainable future – and Equispheres is fully committed to delivering products and services that minimize GHG emissions. As a pioneer in the development of a new and novel powder production technology, the company took the opportunity to ensure sustainability was at the core of our development process. The result is a tangible sustainability plan that encompasses the full lifecycle of materials, manufacturing and part end-use application. From powder production to powder application through to final part utilization – our approach is already delivering results.

The core pillars of our sustainability plan are:

  • Low GHG (greenhouse gas) supply chain – we collaborate with suppliers based on sustainability values:
    • Green metal ingot feedstock providers with 85% lower GHG emissions per kg of material
    • Electrical energy from power grids that are over 90% carbon-free
  • Efficient powder production – our new technology achieves an exceptionally high yield and consumes approximately 40% less power than conventional processes
  • Efficient part production
    • Higher print efficiency resulting 20% less energy consumption to produce parts
    • High re-use rates of powder (Powders designed for minimal in-production waste)
  • High-impact GHG applications – we have targeted our solutions to the Transportation sector, which is responsible for 25% of all worldwide GHG emissions.  Higher print efficiency resulting in 20% less energy consumption to produce parts
    • Superior part light-weighting (up to 50 – 60% less part mass) – resulting in a significant reduction in end-use GHGs

The results are real and measurable. In a typical transportation application, the total GHG emissions over the lifetime of the part can be meaningfully reduced.

The work is always on-going, and Equispheres continues to collaborate with our partners and suppliers to achieve further advancements in sustainable manufacturing.

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