Press Release – Equispheres Files Patent To Protect Intellectual Property Investment In Metal Powder Development

Press Release – Equispheres Files Patent To Protect Intellectual Property Investment In Metal Powder Development

OTTAWA, July 15, 2018 – Equispheres Inc. today announced it has filed a patent application to protect its intellectual property investment in the development of the unique qualities and characteristics of its powder, one of the key building blocks in the additive manufacturing process.

The materials patent application, filed in July 2018, protects the highly valuable intellectual property developed by Equispheres’ R&D metallurgical team and is focused on producing additive manufacturing powders that harness specific traits discovered to be essential for high performance additive manufacturing and currently unavailable in the market.  The application is a key component in Equispheres’ broader intellectual property portfolio strategy.

The patents involve near perfectly consistent powder opening the possibility for additive manufacturers to build lighter, stronger parts with greater reliability, consistency and at a lower cost.

In February 2018, Equispheres commissioned two new atomization reactors, increasing production capacity by more than 200 per cent to help ensure ongoing growth for the company.

Metal powders are the foundation to new advanced manufacturing techniques that are transforming physical designs and supply chain logistics of high value, complex parts used by a broad range of customers in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, medical and military.


“This application is the next logical step to protect our large investment in both research and development and building production capacity to be ready for the growth in this rapidly expanding market.”
– Kevin Nicholds, CEO, Equispheres

About Equispheres

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and privately held, Equispheres is a materials science company focused on advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing and cold spray applications. Equispheres’ vision is to unlock the potential of these technologies by engineering and providing ultra-high-performance, mono-sized metal powders.

Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, consistently sized, agglomerate and fine-free, spherical metal powders, designed to significantly improve manufacturing processes, quality and reliability of customers’ end use products.

Equispheres’ staff of researchers and metallurgists offer a range of services including custom alloy development and application support required to meet demanding aerospace, automotive, medical and military component requirements.


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