Materials Science

Commercially available alloy powders have chemical compositions found in traditional “subtractive” manufacturing techniques. These alloys have not been engineered or optimized to support additive manufacturing.

With a deep understanding of metallurgy and the dynamics of additive manufacturing processes, Equispheres’ R&D team, including metallurgists with advanced degrees, works closely with our customers to develop unique chemical compositions and alloys designed to optimize results for specific applications. These metallurgists are also available to provide engineering services for alloy development.

In addition, our engineering team has a deep understanding of how our powder behaves in storage, during additive manufacturing processes, and after printing. This includes rapid solidification in the melt pool, the dynamics of the powder under the roller/blade, and how it can be recycled.

Contact us to discuss the unique performance needs of your designs, and we will work with you to develop the best metal powder and optimized parameters for the job.

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