The Next Frontier: Designer Materials

It’s clear the manufacturing industry is on the cusp of designer materials, purpose-built powders that provide specific attributes either during the 3D-printing process or in the final part.

4 Metal Additive Manufacturing Myths Debunked: Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

In the rapidly evolving world of metal additive manufacturing, laser powder bed fusion has a bit more history behind it than some of the newer techniques. L-PBF technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds but a few outdated myths about powder-based processes persist. I’ve tried to dispel a few of the common myths here.

Spheres Make All the Difference

Anyone operating 3D printers will appreciate the difference when working with engineered aluminum alloys from Equispheres – increased processing window, ease of printer cleaning, faster printing and consistent mechanical properties.

Better Metal Powder, Better Metal Prints

There is an old adage in computer software – garbage in, garbage out. This aphorism is true for many things, including metal AM.

Metal AM provides several potential benefits to manufacturing, including design freedom to make lighter, more effective parts, simplified supply chain management with minimal inventories, reduced lead time in development, and bespoke part production, to name a few. However, metal AM technology has not yet disrupted the 13 Trillion manufacturing industry and has been mostly used in R&D, product development and tooling.