Press Release: Thomas Bloor Joins Equispheres to Lead Global Business Development

Bloor has spent much of his career bringing new technologies to the global automotive business.


OTTAWA, ONTARIO: Thomas Bloor has joined Equispheres Inc. as head of global business development. With a solid record of introducing new technology to the global manufacturing sector, Bloor will be a key player as Equispheres’ high-performance aluminum powders gain traction in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

“Adding Thomas to the team will help us deal with increased customer demand, particularly in the automotive sector where we are seeing exceptional growth,” said Doug Brouse, Vice-President of Strategic Partners and Alliances, Equispheres.

For the automotive industry, Equispheres’ advanced aluminum powders combined with engineering support to ensure the material performs to its highest potential opens the door for metal 3D printing of parts.

“I have worked with most of the top global automotive OEMs, and I know metal additive manufacturing can help the industry be more rapid and nimble, and produce vehicles tailored to specific market niches,” says Bloor. “I want to be part of taking additive manufacturing from a niche production technology to a mainstream, cost-competitive option.”

No stranger to disruptive technology, Bloor was previously Senior Director of Sales, Americas, for Blackberry QNX, a supplier of embedded software related to autonomous vehicles and on-board infotainment systems. He was also Director of Strategic Accounts with Intel. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Engineering from Birmingham University.

Equispheres’ proprietary, patent-pending, spherical aluminum powder can print three to five times faster than traditional powders and achieve cost reductions of 50 percent, enabling metal additive manufacturing to compete economically with traditional manufacturing processes.

“Equispheres is an exciting place to be right now,” Bloor adds, “because automotive manufacturers are trying to make vehicle production more responsive and less costly, and we have a technology that meets that need.”

To learn more about Equispheres’ automotive technology, visit the Equispheres automotive page.


About Equispheres:

Equispheres is a materials science technology company specializing in high-performance metal powders for additive manufacturing in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. We focus on developing innovative, clean-tech solutions to help solve advanced manufacturing challenges with our deep knowledge of metallurgy and its application to additive manufacturing.


Thomas Bloor has joined @Equispheres as head of global business development. Bloor’s experience with leading-edge technologies will be an asset as Equispheres’ high-performance aluminum powders gain traction in automotive and aerospace. #MetalAM #AutomotiveEngineering

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