Press Release: Equispheres builds the strength of its Board with the addition of Dr. Adrian Keppler

Press Release: Equispheres builds the strength of its Board with the addition of Dr. Adrian Keppler

Equispheres builds the strength of its Board with the addition of Dr. Adrian Keppler.


Dr Adrian Keppler
Dr Adrian Keppler appointed to Equispheres Board of Directors

Ottawa, Ontario – Equispheres continues to expand its knowledgeable and experienced leadership team to support the acceleration of the industrialization of metal additive manufacturing. The Ottawa-based materials technology company recently appointed Dr. Adrian Keppler to its Board of Directors.  

 “Adrian is both a great ambassador for the metal additive manufacturing industry and a great resource for us. He knows this business from every angle and has such confidence in the future of metal 3D printing,” says Equispheres’ CEO Kevin Nicholds. 

Keppler has deep connections to the industry. He was Managing Director and CEO of EOS for many years and is now an advisor and board member for several companies within the metal AM supply chain. 

“I believe in metal 3D printing,” Keppler comments. “It will add significant value to the overall manufacturing community. To achieve widespread acceptance, we must work on the economics; the cost per part must be reduced. Engineered materials are a critical enabler in that equation.” 

“Adrian has a unique grasp of what’s needed to bring metal AM into mainstream manufacturing. He has joined Equispheres because he believes  productivity-enhancing materials are one of the key elements for the future of additive manufacturing.” – Kevin Nicholds, CEO, Equispheres 

Keppler says his focus is to make people aware of how Equispheres’ materials enable more efficient, consistent and repeatable AM manufacturing and increase productivity. “Equispheres is not just a powder manufacturer; it is a
technology company engineering high-strength materials and optimizing them to be used efficiently in 3D printing. This is what users of additive manufacturing need, today and in the future.” 

Since leaving EOS, Keppler has focused on scaling metal AM for industrial production. He founded AM Scalation, a consulting team of AM experts focused on helping OEMs, contract manufacturers, and end users increase the production of 3D printed parts. 

As a member of the board, Keppler will lend his expertise to Equispheres as they add powder production capacity to support production programs and new developments.  

Dr. Keppler is also a Senior Advisor for Digital Manufacturing at H&Z, a management consulting firm in Europe. He holds a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and a degree in Business Administration from the University of Zurich. 

During this period of rapid growth for metal AM, Keppler believes the sector needs to build credibility. “As an industry, we have to gain the trust of the broader manufacturing sector. Trust is about technical expertise and measurable results. This is how Equispheres is differentiating itself already in the market.” 

Equispheres’ materials have been shown to increase productivity in AM processes and reduce part costs by up to 80% compared with traditional aluminum powders, with no adverse effects on mechanical properties. To learn more about Equispheres’ high-performance aluminum powders, visit the company’s website. 

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About Equispheres: 

Equispheres develops breakthrough technologies for the production and use of advanced materials in additive manufacturing. Leveraging our unique metal powders and process expertise, we are dedicated to driving forward the industrialization of additive manufacturing for the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. By lowering the cost and improving the performance of industrial 3D printing, we empower innovation.